The Mediterranean adventure day thirteen: Florence

Today was a special day for us as it happened to be both our birthdays. I had decided to leave this day pretty freed up in the itinerary as it was important to me that we had a lovely day so I didn’t want us to be overly stressed or anything. The night before I had asked Adam what he wished to do and his answer was a big fat NOTHING. I was happy to go for that.

We had a quick think what we should do for food and decided we would like to revisit the market that we had visited earlier as part of a tour. We thought the only way to do it would be to do an early morning run so we woke up at 8am, quickly chucked on some clothes and headed out.

The central market in Florence is pretty amazing and we really enjoyed walking around it. We picked up some wild boar sausages, pasta, buffalo mozzarella, chocolate tarts, 2 punnets of strawberries and a bag of tomatoes. Everything only came to 15 euros as well! It was all so fresh. When I got the strawberries the woman even poured them into some scales and checked each strawberry to make sure it hadn’t gone soft!

On the way back from the market I decided to pop into a shop that I had been eyeing up the whole trip. It had some really cute leather bags and I decided to buy two. I bought a turquoise shoulder bag and also a little wristlet. It had become so hot that even my clutch bag was annoying me so I got the wristlet in the hope it would detract some heat from me.

We came home and Adam prepared our breakfast, chocolate tarts with a side of strawberries and we opened all our birthday cards from home. We then had showers and got ready and spent all afternoon chilling at the apartment. The temperature reached about 40 degrees so it was a welcome relief.

We had decided we would like to go out for a late lunch yet we knew finding a restaurant that was open in the afternoon could be a challenge. We had a look online and found La Buchetta. It was highly reviewed, the website said it was open and when I booked a reservation they emailed through to confirm it. Therefore I was quite disappointed when I turned up and it was shut!

The heat was high so we didn’t want to walk that far so went to look at the menu at Oinos, just across the road. It looked good so we ventured in and ended up really enjoying a 3 course meal. We shared a ‘Tuscan’ board of meats and bruschetta to start. Then Adam had a pizza and I had braised wild boar and we each had a slice of chocolate cake to finish. It was all absolutely delicious and everything was great value.

We walked back to the apartment and continued our chilled afternoon. Later in the evening Adam used our fresh market ingredients to cook us up a beautiful meal. All in all it was a lovely birthday!


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