The Mediterranean adventure day twenty-two: Capri


When I was planning Italy I knew Capri had to be on our list of destinations. It has stayed in my heart from the first time I visited for a day trip, as a teenager. This time we would be spending the night there! We were up at 7am and got ourselves to Naples station by 8am. We then walked from the station to the port, which took about 35 minutes.

The ferry over to Capri took about 50 minutes and it wasn’t a great journey. The ferry itself was nice, the seats were very comfortable but the crossing was rough and people were vomiting everywhere. I just closed my eyes and focused on my own breathing to try and get me through.

I was very pleased to arrive in Capri. We got the funicular from the port up the main town. On the right as we came off the funicular was the bus station which had small buses running to Anacapri. It was all very easy to this point…then it went wrong. Basically the directions I’d obtained said to stay on the bus until the last stop but then bus stopped at the top of a hill and everyone got off…so I got off.

Well obviously we got off way too early and as a consequence we ended up spending another hour trying to find our hotel. There was only one road through Anacapri and our instructions were simple, at the last bus stop climb the stairs to reach the hotel. We ended up stopping at every bus stop along the way, climbing stairs and looking around.

Finally, just as we were losing our rag a bit, we found the hotel, Bettola Del Re. It was so beautiful. It was quiet and serene, everything was white, even the owners were dressed head to toe in white. There was an incredible terrace, our room was lovely and we had a huge jacuzzi bath. Our room had double doors which opened right out onto the terrace, it was really beyond idyllic. I was wishing that we were there for longer than a night!

We were starving by this point so we walked and got some lunch from Bar Grotta Azzurra. We proper carb loaded! I got arancini and stromboli and Adam got a sandwich and a hot dog. We washed it down with prosecco, which was reasonably priced.


Feeling much refreshed after lunch we went on a walk around Anacapri, we allowed ourselves the time to get lost down its charming back alleys where we found beautiful views over the sea. We did some lizard hunting, although there were way too quick for us.


We finally found our way to Piazza Vittorio, from there we were able to catch the chairlift up to Mount Solaro. Adam was a bit nervous to get on the chairlifts but I made him and he didn’t regret it. The views were absolutely spectacular, it was so peaceful. It really was perfection.




We sat at the top of Mount Solaro for about an hour, having a drink and taking in the views. It was unbelievably pretty. I felt so relaxed and contented, it was one of those days you hope never end.
It was about 30 degrees today which meant it was bearable for walking around in, we caught the sun a bit and my freckles had come out!



For dinner we ended up going out to a restaurant of which I didn’t catch the name, it was a lovely little pizzeria in Anacapri. I had gnocchi and Adam had pizza and once again we accompanied it by prosecco, its the same price as water so you might as well! We walked back and got some lovely gelato at a little bar. Adam had almond whilst I had strawberry cheesecake. It really was the most perfect day!


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