The Mediterranean adventure day twenty-three: Capri


Our alarm was set for 7am this morning but Adam woke me up at 6am to ask me when the alarm was going off so it was an even earlier start than I had hoped for! We headed to our hotel terrace for breakfast and we were really impressed. There were delicious pastries, biscuits, cereals, fruit, such a selection!

Whilst we were eating the owner came and talked to us and when we told him our plans we kindly offered to give us a lift down to the marina in his car. It certainly beat the bus. Due to his kindness we got to the marina a bit earlier than we had anticipated so we wondered around and looked at the boats. We also dropped off our suitcases at the luggage deposit shop, situated at the dock.

Our reason for being at the docks was we were embarking on a boat tour, with Gianni’s boats. We had 3 hours booked with a private guide and his boat. We met up at a dockside restaurant and headed out to the boat.


It really was magical. We went around the islands and saw all the grottos. Adam doesn’t swim but I had chance to jump off the boat and swim into them too. I spent most of the time in the sea, in some of the grottos I was able to go under the rocks and meet the boat at the other side.

When we were chilling on our boat we occasionally saw a tourist boat and it made me really pleased with our decision to book a private tour, we saw so much more and it was certainly more relaxing. We sat out lazing in the sun and later on discovered we got quite burnt!


Once we disembarked for our boat we stopped at the marina to have something to eat.  We went to Ristorante Da Peppino, which was on the dockside, but it was just okay. I don’t think you’d leave here feeling unhappy as such but the food was pretty average.

We then got the funicular up from the marina into the town of Capri. We did a bit of shopping, buying ourselves a ‘lucky bell’ to hang on our Christmas tree.

We also visited the Gardens of Augustus, a botanical garden, with some spectacular views over the coast. It was so easy to get the most beautiful photos.



We wondered around the town, buying amazing ice cream from Bar Gelateria Embassy, and window shopping. Adam tried on a few linen shirts and I seriously coveted some beautiful cameo rings.

It was time to get our ferry over to Sorrento so we got a bus back down to the marina and boarded our ferry. It was a short 20 minutes until Sorrento and we arrived to the port about 7.30pm. I had done my research and knew there were buses which could take us to our hotel every 40 minutes, running until 10pm however when we arrived nothing seemed to be running.

We sat there for an hour, there should have been 2 buses in the time we were there but yet we saw nothing. Then a waiter from a local restaurant came up to us and told us, despite what it said on the bus stop, the buses stopped around 7pm.

It left us in a predicament. There was no way we could do it on foot so in the end we had to cut our losses and get a rather expensive taxi.

We arrived at our hotel, the Seven Hostel, where we had a private room. I had never stayed at a hostel before but the place was really cool. There was a bar, a computer room, a restaurant, lots of common areas and a huge courtyard.

We were pretty hungry by this point, it was about 9pm so we thought we’d just eat in the hostel. We both ordered cannelloni and was also pleased to find the cheapest drink prices of our entire holiday! We sat out in the courtyard and ate our delicious food. It was a really nice end to the day.

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