Cologne: Day three


We were up nice and early to our first stop of the day, The Ludwig Museum. We had checked out of our apartment and had decided to visit the museum first, as they had a cloakroom. We were able to store our suitcase there for the whole day, free of charge. We just had to make sure we picked it up before they closed at 6pm! Anyway the Ludwig museum was 13 euro entry and there was lots to see.



There was a lot of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein and Picasso to enjoy. I liked it, I can’t say I’m particularly knowledgeable on the Art front however I really enjoyed everything at the Ludwig. It was modern without being confusing. It was bright and happy.


After leaving the Ludwig we walked over to Ehrenfeld. Ehrenfeld is known for being a lively district with a lively art scene and as soon as we stepped out the station there was trendy graffiti on the walls. There were lots of bakeries around but I fancied something warm and so we stopped at Maison Baguette. For 7.90 euros we got a toasted baguette, a crepe and a drink. The waitress was really nice at helping us with the German menu and the food was lovely when it arrived.

At 2pm we located Glowing Rooms, the 3D mini golf venue that I had made an online booking for. It was actually immense. We enjoyed it so much. We laughed the whole way through. You get 3D glasses and the course can be quite difficult because you don’t quite understand what is appearing 3D and what is real so it’s hard to know what you need to manouevre around. The paintings on the wall were so cool, I couldn’t stop taking pictures although the photos can’t show just how cool they looked in 3D.





We left the golf about 3pm and headed back towards the centre, along the river. It was a beautiful sunny day and a really nice walk. The houses alongside the river seemed more traditional in style and behind them sat the beautiful church of St Martin.


We were heading to the chocolate museum, located on the river. The museum was good, it was 9 euros each and there was lots to see. My only previous experience of a chocolate museum is Cadbury’s and this wasn’t as child friendly? There is a lot of posters and reading and information but there is a pretty impressive chocolate fountain and I also enjoyed the gift shop. Picking something to take away was hard as I wanted everything but we chose some delicious chocolate eggs.


Our final stop of the day was El- De Haus, the headquarters of the Gestapo. It contains one of the best preserved Nazi prisons with hundreds of wall inscriptions. It was a chilling reminder of what went on and they’ve put together a really good, informative exhibition. It costs 4.50 euros to visit and worth every penny.



There was about 90 minutes to spare before we needed to think about heading to the airport and so we decided to find somewhere to eat. As weird as it sounds it can be hard to find a restaurant in Cologne, so many places are cafes or bakeries. I wanted to sit somewhere and have a cocktail! It didn’t help that Adam specifically wanted a currywurst, he didn’t want to leave Cologne without having had one. Our solution came when we found Funk Haus, right by the cathedral. I had my cocktail, with a lovely pasta and Adam had his currywurst. We both finished with some mega cake!


So that was our trip to Cologne and I would recommend a visit to anyone. It was a really funky, cheap, walkable city with lots to do and see. Recently its been hitting the news a bit due to the apparent migrant problem but we saw absolutely nothing out there that would have made us feel on edge so I hope that wouldn’t stop anyone.

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