Japanese adventure day sixteen: Tokyo


We awoke this morning for our return flight. The capsule hotel had pretty much emptied out by the time I awoke and I was pretty much totally alone whilst showering and getting ready before meeting the boys back in reception at 9am.

Narita was one of the best airports I’d ever visited during my life! Going home can be a particularly stressful part of any holiday, no one wants the trip to end but the airport made it feel like there was still a few more things we could see before we left the country.

First of all it had an origami museum! How amazing! There was such intricate origami. Whilst in Japan I did buy some pretty origami, get some youtube tutorials up and try origami myself and whilst I was only doing simple designs, I thought it was tricky. That makes it even more mind blowing to me that such detailed work was able to be made, they had whole scenes going on, my favourite being a miniature Santa’s grotto!

Secondly there was a shop which acted as a sort of Kubuki museum. It displayed some amazing Kubuki outfits and had several items in the shop relating to the art. It was nice because Kubuki was something we didn’t have the chance to try out whilst away so it was good to at least see some part of that culture.

Thirdly we had some amazing food! We enjoyed some beautiful Soba and Udon noodles, all washed down with Asahi beer. It was good to see that they didn’t jack up the prices like they do in most airports and the food was still really affordable.


…and my fourth point, the shops. There are more shops than you can ever imagine! When we first got into the terminal Adam said he would sit down with the bags and Dudley and I ventured off to find somewhere to eat. I felt like we were gone hours because there was just an unbelievable amount of space to look about. We had done a pretty good job of spending all our money at Akihabara the previous evening so we didn’t have much but I bought some last little bits of Japanese candy before boarding the plane.

Overall Japan was such a beautiful country and I think it has so much to offer. Regardless of it you want holidays for adventure, beaches, shopping, culture, nature, I think Japan has it all. We’re already planning our return trip next year!

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