Summer in Budapest: Day five


Our last day in Budapest! We awoke early and left our apartment. Booking an apartment has lots of upsides but one of the downsides is that, unlike hotels, you can’t leave your luggage there to pick up later. As our flight home was in the evening I had located a luggage storage place, which was very central, where we could keep our luggage for the price of approx 80p per hour.

After dropping our luggage off we were ravenous so breakfast was our next priority of the day. This is where I messed up. The other three pointed out that we had a lunch reservation at 1.30pm (it was about 10.30am by this point) and so we should just grab something light but I was incredibly hungry so I persuaded the others to have a ‘proper’ breakfast.

We stopped at the Vinolia cafe for a really yummy breakfast. The service was really friendly, we sat outside and I had a large scrambled egg meal that was really delicious. It was reasonably priced and I would recommend stopping by for breakfast.

After our escape game experience on day two we decided to book up another one as we enjoyed them so much. Budapest is full of escape games and we got a booking at Paniq Szoba. We went for the ‘time trap’ room, where you travel through time from retirement to your school years. It took place over 3 rooms and was really fun. It felt much easier than the last one and we completed it in 40 minutes.

Then it was onto our lunch reservation, at Comme Chez soi. I already knew I had made a mistake as I was still full from breakfast. We had such a warm welcome from the staff as we arrived. They got us a complimentary glass of bubbles and handed us the menu. Despite my fullness the menu looked so delicious I went for 3 courses! Adam and I both wanted the beef carpaccio to start and the waiter suggested sharing it but greedy old me said we would have one each, well it was huge! Incredibly delicious though and unbelievable value.

The restaurant then gave us some complimentary meats and cheeses before our main arrived. I had ordered chicken in a gorgonzola sauce. It was beyond good, it was beautiful. By this point I had started to feel so uncomfortably full though, especially as it was quite a rich meal. Again we were given complimentary food, this time a sorbet and then our dessert came, a chocolate mousse. It was incredible. All the way throughout our meal the staff were beyond attentive. Honestly this was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at in my life and enough to make me head back to Budapest alone! As we left the owner gave me and Vicky a little box of chocolates each, such sweet touches.

So that was our holiday, we collected our luggage and headed to the airport. We got back to the airport by a combination of bus and train. We got the m3 metro line to Kobanya- Kispect, which was the end of the line. That cost us 350HUF. From the metro we got a bus to the airport. Usually I don’t like using buses in another country but finding the correct bus was so simple, 200E direct to the airport. A really affordable and easy way to get to the airport!

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