Europe 2016: Day five


This morning we awoke to gorgeous sunshine, gone were the rainclouds of yesterday. We grabbed some breakfast from the bakery next door to our hotel and then jumped on the train one stop to Laim, where we had decided to visit Nymphenburg Palace.

It had been a toss up between the Palace and the Munich Residenz that morning, I had gone back and forth, looked up images of Google, still couldn’t decide so in the end I let Tripadvisor do my deciding for me. The Palace was rated higher (just!) so that’s where we headed.

The baroque palace was built in the 1600’s as a summer house for the former rules of Bavaria. The palace had such insanely beautiful gardens and these were totally free to enter. With the sun back out we were free to spend a couple of hours walking around, amongst the dog walkers and joggers.  The park sits in 490 acres so you can spend as much time there as you wish. A long canal runs through the garden and we noticed you were able to get a gondola which took you the length of the canal.

We did wonder, after seeing surely the best part of the palace, if we should spend the 6 euros to actually enter it. I’m so glad we did. The grand hall was one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever been into in my entire life. The ceiling frescos were just stunning. There were numerous rooms to go see but I admit they were a bit bland, pretty standard stuff if you’ve visited these kinds of places before. All mahogany and dark, I like light!


After the palace we were pretty hungry and weren’t sure where to go. I had a craving for a kebab so we headed back to Moosach, the location of our hotel, and grabbed a kebab from the local mall. The mall also had a large supermarket in it so we wandered around and I picked up some amazing nail varnishes! Adam and I do have a penchant for walking around foreign supermarkets.

After picking up our luggage from our hotel we headed to the main station to catch our 5.30pm train to Salzburg. Although it was crossing the border into Austria Salzburg only lay around 85 miles away from Munich so it was a short train, about 1.25 hours.

We were able to walk to our hotel from the station. We were staying at the Urban Stay Villa Cicubo, a family run guest house. We were staying at a rate of 75 euros a night. A few days before our stay we had received an email to let us know the owners wouldn’t be there in the evenings and our key would be left in a key safe outside. The hotel was very nice, the room was a good size with a lovely modern bathroom. In the communal hallway there was a fridge full of drinks and an honesty box in case we wanted anything.

By the time we sorted ourselves out it was about 8.30pm on Saturday night and 24 hour supermarkets are only something I’ve ever seen in England. We didn’t want to eat out properly because we were quite tired so went for a hunt for something to take back to the hotel. We ended up happening upon a McDonalds, somewhere we never eat, home or away. However it was hot food and it tasted pretty good as we ate it chilling at the hotel!

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