Europe 2016: Day Seven


Today was our birthday, Adam and I are lucky enough to share one! It makes every birthday feel like Christmas. We had exchanged all our gifts before coming away but it in the morning I did have a little something for Adam to open, a love lock for us to put on the bridge.

So after breakfast we strolled over to Makarsteg bridge, the modern pedestrian bridge over the river. We attached our lock and then threw the key into the water. It’s always interesting to peruse the other locks and note the inscriptions.

We crossed the bridge and sitting on just the other side was ‘Haus Der Natur’. It was a natural history and science museum and had been quite well reviewed. Adam is a big fan of natural history so I thought it was worth checking out. I ended up being absolutely blown away by how fun it was.


First of all the place is HUGE. There is a massive aquarium, a reptile house and their museum covers everything from natural history to mythology to digestion to sex. A lot of the stuff was in German but it was usually quite self explanatory and there were a lot of interactive elements.


The science section was amazing, it was all super interactive. I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so much! One of my favourite memories of the whole holiday was laughing my head off whilst Adam tried to make his way around the wheelchair obstacle course.



We headed down Linzergrasse, the main street. It’s really pretty due to all of the shop signs that dangle outside. Its certainly photogenic. Wondering down the street took us to Mozarts Birthplace and the place where he would spend the first 17 years of his life.


It cost 10 euros to enter and it gave me an insight into someone I have to admit I didn’t know much about. Being his family home its main focus is his upbringing and family relations. There are numerous musical instruments of his as well as certain portraits and documents.


On the ground floor of the building is a Spar, although it seems a bit questionable it turns out there has always been a small shop in that location. I actually found the Spar to be the cheapest location to buy the Mozart Liquor, which I adore!

We walked through Residenzplatz, one of the main squares that sit by the cathedral, and admired the beautiful baroque fountain.

Feeling hungry we stopped at the supermarket, Billa, and grabbed some food and then went to Mozartplatz, sitting beside the Mozart statue and ate. From our viewpoint we could also watch the horses pass with their carriages.


We then headed home, showered and changed and headed out for our birthday meal. I’d made a reservation at Imlauer Sky, an amazing restaurant that offered beautiful view over the city. The meal was delicious, the service was fantastic, it was certainly an amazing meal. It’s pricey but it was worth it for our special meal and I felt it was worth it to see the sunset over Salzburg from such a great viewpoint!

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