Europe 2016: Day Ten


Breakfast was rather convenient as our hotel had a Billa supermarket just across the road. Always too easy to get carried away though in a supermarket, especially if your hotel room has a fridge like ours, and our breakfast ended up costing about 25 euros after we bought a selection of drinks and sweet drinks as well.

Our hotel was just a 2 minute walk from the main station and from the station you could catch the 960 bus. This bus runs up and down the hills and there are a variety of mountains you can get hop on and off for. When you stay in Schladming in the summer months you get a ‘sommercard’ which aside from offering you discounts and free entry on most of the attractions in the area also means that transport is free!

We jumped on the bus and enjoyed the scenic drive up the hill and then jumped off at the Rittisberg stop. It was still fairly early in the morning, about half 10, and overcast so it was quite empty. We took the chairlift up the mountain (included with the sommercard) and found ourselves at a fun little playground.

There were gorgeous views and plenty to climb if you had children. At the top was a place to eat and a barefoot trial as well, although the weather meant we didn’t do this.  There was also a small aviary full of pretty birds.

We decided we would make our way down on foot, which took us about half an hour. There is a fairytale trial meaning there were little characters that popped up all over the place. Rittisberg is a very child friendly place.

Once at the bottom we went on the coaster. It was so fun! The idea is that you control your own kart with your own brake, it felt like you were going soooo fast sometimes. Once again wonderful views but be wary of people braking on their cart in order to take a picture, you could cause a pile up! The coaster cost 6.50 euro for one ride.


There was also a beach and a bathing lake at Rittisberg and I had originally hoped that we would be able to spend the afternoon there but the sun still hadn’t made its appearance.

Waiting at the bus stop

We waited for a bus at what seemed like the prettiest bus stop in the world and made our way back into town. By this time we were pretty hungry so wanted lunch. We found a number of restaurants that we liked the look of but they were all closed, opening later in the evening. We ended up going to the Landgraf Cafe. I didn’t think it looked particularly exciting from the outside but actually the food went far beyond our expectations. We had pizzas which were just amazing and followed them by the most delicious cream cakes. I absolutely recommend the place.

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