Europe 2016: Day Fourteen

It was another beautiful day in Innsbruck so we decided to have a stroll around town before breakfast, coming across the stunning Triumphal Arch, built in 1765. We then trundled off to our breakfast reservation, at ‘The Breakfast club’ which sat just up the road.

I’m glad we had a reservation because the place was really busy and throughout our breakfast we saw many being turned away. Our breakfast was fantastic, they have a really expansive menu and the food really sets you up for the day.

We had intended to visit Hofburg today, a former palace, however August 15th is Assumption day, a national holiday, and the palace was closed.

There was plenty that was still open though. We walked to see the Golden Roof, and we were able to enter the museum for free using our Innsbruck card. The golden roof is considered one of the most famous symbols of Innsbruck, it was completed in 1500 and decorated with 2738 gold tiles to commemorate the wedding of Emperor Maximillion I. The museum contained some interesting information however at the same time I don’t think you’d be missing much by not going there. The best part of the museum was being able to look out from the balcony!

We also visited the Swarovski shop, an Austrian brand. Even if you’re not wanting to buy anything the shop is still worth a visit. There are such an amazing display of items, from pens to extravagant figures.

The shop also has a section at the back showcasing some beautiful outfits. This time it had some beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier outfits, last time I visited Innsbruck with my mum it was Shirley Bassey dresses. I got a couple of bits for my mums birthday from the shop and because we had Innsbruck cards we also got some little Swarovski pendants for free.



We went to the Court Church, built in 1553 by Emperor Ferdinand I as a memorial to his grandfather, the previously mentioned Emperor Maximillion I. Emperor Maximillion’s cenotaph sits in the centre of the church, surrounded by 28 large bronze statues. As such it was quite an impressive church to visit.


Adjoined to the church was the Museum of Tirolean Regional Heritage. The museum wasn’t on our original itinerary but I’m glad we visited because there was lots of interesting items to see, including traditional costumes and furniture. It sits within a former monastery and had a beautiful courtyard outside.



Afterwards we were pretty tired and hungry. We thought we might grab something from the supermarket and head back to our apartment but a lot of shops were shut due to the national holiday and the local Spar looked like it was being raided by panicked tourists so we headed over to Magic Kebab, where we had previously enjoyed lunch, and got a takeaway pizza and some beer and went back to have a peaceful evening.

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