Europe 2016: Day Seventeen

Our last day of the holiday and today we visited the Paper Mill museum. Now I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same when I saw it rated so highly on Tripadvisor, how great can a paper museum be?! Turns out…frikkin awesome!!

The museum is located inside a 500 year old paper mill and its a pretty interesting building. Our entrance cost 15CHF and it was well worth it because we got so many souvenirs to take away with us.

Each floor of the museum had lots of information as you’d expect from any museum but what was really cool was there was also an interactive station on each floor. We got to make our own paper complete with watermark, a process I really enjoyed, and the guy who ran it (who was working in the museum as part of national service and spoke such exceptional English) was able to offer us so much information.

My paper


Adam is creative and drew a beautiful bird, I did this haha


We got to write in ink using feather quills and although I’ve done this before I got to seal my paper with a wax seal, something new for me. We got to print using traditional methods and my favourite thing was on the top floor where we got to use ink to make marbled paper, it was really fun. As you can imagine they had a pretty beautiful gift shop too!


After we left the museum there was just time to head back to the hotel to collect our cases, grab some food from the supermarket and head to the airport. We got a bus from the main station and it was very easy. The airport is pretty useful because half of it is in France and half of it is in Switzerland so you can spend both Swiss and Euros, handy to get rid of the last of our holiday change!

So that was the end of our beautiful European adventure, so much prettiness!

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