London : The Bletchley

My hometown of Milton Keynes is also the home of Bletchley Park, the place of the World War II codebreakers so when I heard about the Bletchley Bar, a pop up bar in London, it seemed pretty important I check it out!
The Bletchley is describes itself as ‘escape room meets cocktail bar’ and if that isn’t enough to entice you in then I just don’t know what will! We had booked online beforehand, as although walk ins are welcome, at the time the demand for tickets was very high and availability was low.

The experience is based in Chelsea but the location is top secret and was disclosed to us in the confirmation email. We had booked their cocktail experience which involved a welcome drink, two personalised cocktails and two hours in the bar, at a cost of £34.99.

The game started as soon as we walked in as we were greeted by an officer, “Hello Agents, we’ve been expecting you, please take a seat,”. We were given our agent names (based on our favourite colour) and suited up in uniform before being shown to the bar.

The refereshing welcome drink was served to us straight away and we were given a booklet featuring instructions on how to get our first proper cocktail. It was incredibly fun using th enigma machines to figure out codes and then also radioing them through to the bar. The tasks were ideally set at a level that meant some time was spent on them, without presenting any real challenge.

Another selling point of the Bletchley is that it’s the first cocktail experience where every drink is totally unique and personalised to the patron. As your cocktail is brought over they also hand you a sealed letter, the recipe for your drink, along with information for your next task.

I tried my drink before reading the recipe and I thought it was delicious, they’d got it spot on, it was tangy and sweet and just beautiful. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the recipe card to find 5 ingrediants and only 1 of which I liked. They knew me better than I knew myself!

The cocktails were really high quality, the bartenders were obviously very talented and the presentation was amazing. All the staff were so friendly and I really hope this is a bar that stays open for a long time. I’d recommend checking it out as soon as possible in case it doesn’t!

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