Down in Cornwall: Day three

When we bought tickets for the Eden project we bought them alongside the tickets for the Gardens of Heligan, making a saving. I have to say I enjoyed the gardens more than the Eden Project!


The gardens were huge, they’re over 200 acres in total, and even after 3 hours there I felt like there was more we could have explored. The gardens were built in the mid 18th centyry and then restored in the 1990’s.


The gardens were built in the mid 18th century and then restored in the 1990’s and consequently the style of the gardens is very typica of the 19th century gardenesque style. There was an incredible amount of stuff to see from lakes to vegetable gardens; statues to flowers and winding paths to farm animals. There was even Europe’s only pineapple pit.


The gardens were really beautiful to walk around, there were a number of woodland creatures hidden around and it made for a really natural landscape. There is no better place to spot this from than the 100ft rope bridge high over the giant gunnera leaves.



Aside from when we crossed the bridge we found we never really encountered any crowds during our time at Heligan. Despite the nice weather and it being in the school holidays the vast space meant we only ever happened on a few people. It made getting lost in the Gardens that much more exciting!


I’d so recommend the gardens, easily a place you could spend a whole day and there really is something for everyone!

Steps walked: 17,150

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