Bratislava, Slovakia: Day Four

Our check out this morning was pretty straightforward, with us simply depositing our keys in a box in the foyer. Unfortunately we awoke to our first rain of the entire trip and therefore decided to cancel our plans to explore the gardens of the Grassalkovich Palace and instead find somewhere to hold up and drink hot chocolate.

We finally decided to check out the UFO observation decks,which sit on the 7th largest hanging bridge in the world. During our whole time in Bratislava the observation deck had been closed for private events or we’d been too tired to walk across but this morning was our last opportunity so we though we’d chance it despite the poor weather.


The ride up to the deck takes just 45 seconds in the lift and costs 7.40 euros. You have to pay this cost even if you’re going to eat in the restaurant but if you order food this is deducted from your bill. We lasted about a minute on the observation deck but instead spent most of our time watching some workmen do the treacherous job of working outside the building.


My parents hadn’t fancied doing the deck so we met them afterwards back at Urban House, where they’d settled into the sofas and got some hot chocolates. We spent about an hour there chatting, making the most of the Wifi and charging ports and relaxing. It was very cosy.


We left and within about 3 seconds noticed our big mistake when the heavens opened and the light mist that had plagued us all day turned into a full blown downpour. We sheltered in an alley for about 20 minutes debating between ourselves what to do, narrowing it down to returning to the Urban House or making our way to the Slovak Pub, our dinner destination of the first night, which Google placed at a 9 minute walk away.

In the end we decided to make a run for the Slovak pub. Despite the short distance and our hurried pace we still arrived absolutely soaked but at least we were now in somewhere warm and cosy. We had a lovely leisurely lunch, I enjoyed some comforting Halusky and we dried off.


Soon we needed to leave for the airport but the rain was still very heavy so we jumped on a tram that stopped just outside and caught that to the bus station, before catching our bus to the airport.

We were soon flying back, reflecting on what an amazing time we’d had in Bratislava, how we’d been blessed with wonderful weather, how we’d enjoyed such delicious food and cheap wine, how quaint and charming everything was. A 5 star trip!

Steps walked: 10,522

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