What to eat in central Lisbon

Tagide Tapas Bar was our first meal of the trip and it really set the tone for the rest of the holiday. The food was delicious, the service amazing and the view was wonderful. I had a cod soup that was really good, quite different from anything I’d had before, it was almost more of a stew. I followed that with some pork whilst Adam also had a soup followed by cod. Our meals, including drinks, came to just 26 euros, excellent value.

I didn’t even mention the killer view!


Eating at ‘To Burger to not to burger’ allowed Adam to discover the “best burger I’ve ever had”. I missed out on the burger experience as I wasn’t that hungry and settled for nibbling on some croquettes but it was a really good meal. The restaurant was simple but with great service, what more do you need? Our meal came to about 30 euros.


Whilst strolling down Avenida de Liberadade we came across the Tivoli Forum, an upmarket shopping mall which also houses a food court. There were plenty of options there from sushi to salad but we decided to go for H3, a gourmet burger joint. We both had a bunless ‘carbonara’ burger with a fried egg and bacon on top which was super delicious. I thought it was really high quality for a food court!


We had two very successful trips to the Time out Market, an amazing collection of kiosks selling a huge variety of food. Our first trip we got a selection of croquettes from Croqueteria and the second time a beautiful steak from Cozinha da Felicidade. Each time we finished off our meal with chocolate cake from Arcádia, which was absolutely beautiful. The market is certainly worth a visit but be aware, finding seats is extremely hard!


We had a wonderful meal at Come Prima, a very decadent Italian restaurant. It’s rated very highly on Tripadvisor and there is a reason why. Delicious food, excellent service and incredible value. I had a pesto prawn pasta whilst Adam had a pizza. At the end of our meal they gave us a complimentary glass of port, which until that moment I hadn’t realised I liked!


I mentioned during my first Portugal post that we spent a day at the LX factory and that included lunch. We ate at Amesa (also known as ‘The Table’), a hipster style pizza joint. One single large 50 seater table ran the length of the restaurant and we sat either side of it. The pizza was cut into cubes and served with toothpicks, a novel way of eating it! But the most important part? The pizza was insanely good!!


We also stopped at the Landeau chocolate shop, also at the LX factory, where we tried a slice of their infamous cake and wow. It was rich, creamy and absolutely beautiful. If you love chocolate consider it on your Lisbon bucket list.



Aside from that we ate at our apartment a lot, we had a kitchen and cooked there most evenings. Portugal has an amazing selection of sausages, such as the Alheira which is a garlicky sausage filled with poultry and game to the Chorico which is marinated in red wine and paprika. One night we made Bifanas, a sandwich with pork steak, seasoned with garlic and spices and another night we cooked up some cod croquettes. Whatever we ate we always finished our meal with chocolate salami, something popular in both Portugal and Italy that was bloody lovely!



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