A day in Parque De Nacoes, Lisbon, Portugal

Parque De Nacoes is an interesting area to spend a day, with its modern buildings and beautiful marina. The district was developed for the Expo 1998 and sits around 8km/ 5 miles from the centre of Lisbon. However it’s a very easy area to reach as you can grab the red metro line to the Oriente station, making it an easy excursion from the hustle and bustle of the centre.

It really was an oasis of calm, despite the fact we’d gone on a sunny Saturday. As we walked around the water gardens we barely saw another soul. There’s a lot here for families so certainly worth it if travelling with children.


Our first stop of the day was the Oceanarium, against relatively quiet. We went earlier in the day and as we left a couple of hours later we did notice the queue outside had built up considerably since we’d entered. I’d recommend going not long after the opening time of 10am. The adult price was about 15 euros, relatively expensive, but I felt worth it.


The Oceanarium was wonderful, with huge tanks of beautiful fish and lots of different angles to view them from. They had a lot of variety from sharks to jellyfish and even funky seadragons!


It wasn’t just about fish, they also had penguins and the most adorable otters too. It really was a wonderful way to spend a few hours, there was so much to see.


After leaving we were pretty hungry so headed over to Zero Zero, a pizza place just a few minutes from the Oceanarium. The interior was really funky and whilst the prices were quite expensive for Lisbon (about 16 euros a pizza) the pizza was so yummy and the service friendly.


We then headed over to the Telecabine, an aerial lift that floats you 30m above the waterfront. It was a very serene 10 minutes. Adam and I got put into our own car meaning we got to move around and take pictures. There are some incredible views over the Tagus river. We only got a one way ticket, which cost 3.95 euros.


Walking down the waterfront is a great activity as there are a wide range of modern buildings, such as the Vasco De Gama, the tallest building in Lisbon. There was once a viewing platform at the top but unfortunately this has since closed, a shame because I bet the view is beautiful! There’s also the impressive Vasco De Gama bridge, once the longest in Europe.


We also couldn’t resist a stroll around the Vasco De Gama shopping centre, one of the largest in Lisbon. It included a supermarket and Adam and I get way too excited strolling around a foreign supermarket!


Steps walked: 23,305



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