Romania Day Two: Bucharest

We awoke and headed to Piata Romana, which was about a 15 minute walk away from our hostel. From here we were able to catch a free shuttle bus to Therme Bucuresti, the biggest wellness centre in Europe. I would recommend checking the shuttle bus timetable on their website as they’re quite infrequent.

We arrived at Therme not long after it opened, I’d already bought tickets online before we came in order to make it easier. There are different tiers of tickets for different areas of the centre but we bought the top-tier, giving us access to the entire place. This cost 100 lei for the whole day access, less than £20, which I think is amazing value. Other tier tickets start from just 39 lei, or £7.50.

We decided to hire robes, as we didn’t want to bring towels away with us. The locker area was really nice, with plenty of changing space. When you get your ticket you get an electronic wristband which will open your locker and also allow you past the electronic gates that control each area.


We really enjoyed our day there, there were swim up bars that had a really big drinks selection, lots of pools and the most amazing saunas playing chilled music. When we arrived the place was practically empty so I’d recommend going earlier.


They had exercise classes going on if you were interested, places to chill, places to get massaged, places to play, we really couldn’t want for any more. Each day runs a different exercise schedule so it’s worth checking online if it’s something you’re interested in.


One of the best things about the day was that only one of the areas is open to children so everywhere else remains calm and serene. The electronic wristbands also count as your purse, just swipe and buy what you want and settle up on the way out.

There were lots of restaurants to choose from, for different budgets, and we ventured into the children’s section for the cheap and cheerful selection. There was so much food on offer, really good value and yummy too.


We ended up being there for about 6 hours, from 10 to 4, before getting the shuttle back into the centre. We felt pretty relaxed and rested when we got back and had a bit of a nap before getting ready for dinner.

That night we went to Caru Cu Bere, a restaurant in the Old Town, that had super friendly service, delicious food and it was good value too.


Although we chose to sit outside the interior of the place was worth going inside to see, there is a lot of intricately carved wood which is to be admired.


We both went for cheese stuffed sausages, Rachel chose vegetable rice for her side whilst I chose polenta. We ended our meal with the most delicious doughnuts! All of this, along with a litre of wine, came to just 135 lei, around £26 which we thought was more than worth it.


After dinner we went to the Trapped escape rooms, which I chose because I’m a pirate fan and they had a Pirates of the Caribbean themed room. We paid 60 lei for the hour and got out in just over 43 minutes. The game was really good, the puzzles were suitably challenging and we had so much fun.


On our way back from the escape room we stopped off at Restaurant Burebista, as it had an appealing looking outside area, lit by fairy lights. We only stayed for a quick drink but the setting was very relaxing.


Steps walked: 15,387

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