A day trip to Brac, Croatia

Whilst staying in Makarska we took a ferry over to Brac, an island just off the coast of Croatia. We got there by the car ferry that runs between Makarska and the town of Sumartin several times a day. We booked online before we went and paid the equivalent of about £2.50 each for our ticket. The journey took about an hour and it was a calm journey, thankfully.


Different parts of the island are served by different ferry routes but be aware that once on the island, without a car its difficult to get around. The most popular part of the island is Bol, which is served by ferry from Split, but we were pretty much stuck in Sumartin.


Sumartin is a small village, the population is less than 500, but we arrived to a beautiful looking port. We spent our day strolling along the coast, I’ve never seen such a secluded bit of water. The water was so incredibly clear and blue and we didn’t see a soul in sight. It certainly was a change to the busy Croatian mainland.


So that’s how we spent our day, lazing around on our little private beach, drawing, reading, swimming. It was such a beautiful day. When we felt hungry we went to ‘Bar Kartolina’ where we had milkshakes and some snacks looking out over the coast. The day was wonderfully chilled. I’d recommend the island of Brac, even if you can only get to Sumartin!


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