A day trip to Omis, Croatia

Whilst researching what we could do in Croatia I came across Omis, just a short bus ride away from Makarska. Catching the bus from the bus station was easy enough, with a number of bus connections each day. The journey was just under 45 minutes long and cost us 36 kuna each, approximately £4.20. We sat on the wrong side of the bus for the beautiful scenic route along the coast (hint, sit on the left!) but the journey was pleasant none the less. Omis can also be visited from Split in a similar driving time and for only 20 kuna(around £2.30).


Omis sits right on the Cetina River and this is really the draw of the destination. The views are so gorgeous walking along the harbour, with the river winding between mountain faces. Atop the mountains sit forts from the time when the Venetians protected the area from the Ottoman Empire.


Omis is a really great destination if you’re into being active too. In our time there we saw people kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing and ziplinig.


We spent the majority of our afternoon on a beautiful boat ride down the river. I had read online before going that the price per person was 80 kuna (Approx £9.30) and that was what we were offered as we walked along the harbour so we took it.


We then spent a serene 40 minutes cruising down the river. The boat wasn’t too crowded and it had a roof that sheltered us from the midday sun.


We then arrived at a large restaurant with a lot of outdoor seating area for a 40 minute break. Adam and I grabbed some beers for about £1.50 each and went and paddled in the cooling river. I’m not usually the type to just wander into a river but the water was so incredibly clear and calm it was so inviting.


We then took the 40 minute journey back and upon arriving back in town decided to go grab some lunch. We stopped at Pizzeria Antula, a place that had such a huge choice of pizzas it was slightly overwhelming! Pizzas were approximately 40 kuna (£4.60) each and were really nice.


Absolutely exhausted by our afternoon of cruising and pizza eating we caught the bus back home and had a lovely evening back in Makarska. I really enjoyed our day in Omis and it was so such a worthwhile day trip, certainly try and fit it in if you’re based in Makarska or Split.


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