Food in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

My usual travel routine involves watching a bunch of YouTube videos before I visit a destination and when one of the videos described Mostar as the most underrated foodie destination they’d ever visited I got pretty excited! Mostar absolutely delivered in the food arena and we didn’t have a single poor meal whilst there.

One of my favourite places (possibly in the whole world!) was Cafe De Alma. Places like this make such great memories, not just for the coffee (which was great), the ambience (which was lovely) or the value (which was exceptional) but for the hospitality of the people who work there. Both the owner and the young man who was working there made our visits there such a joy, with their interesting insights into life in Mostar. A true cultural experience. If they did food we could have stayed all day. Bosnian coffee is a real art form and you can experience it for just 1 euro. For non coffee drinkers (like myself!) there were a wonderful range of drinks to choose from.


A very popular restaurant is Sadrvan, which serves typical Bosnian food. I had veal in a rich gorgonzola sauce whilst Adam had small little burgers. The meal was so filling and so incredibly delicious. With 2 beers came to 44 bam/ 22 euros, not bad considering its central location.


Tima Irma was a small little place, which we were lucky enough to visit when it was quiet but we noticed it very busy at other times. The staff were really friendly and we sat inside to enjoy the air conditioning. We decided to share a platter and as you can see below, it was huge! To be honest we left quite a lot. Everything on it was absolutely delicious and the food, along with 3 beers, came to 32 bam/ 16 euros which was such great value.


We ate a couple of times at Restaurant Divan, which is a lovely restaurant that sits upon the river. In every single restaurant you come across you’ll find Cevapi, a type of kebab that is the national dish of the country. The way they’re usually served is 10 kebabs with a pitta bread, dips and onions. In our opinion Restaurant Divan served the best Cevapi we had the whole trip! Our meals were always very cheap, averaging about 30 bam/ 15 euros for the two of us with beers.


Konoba Taurus was a sweet little restaurant, right next to the Crooked Bridge. It was a bit uncomfortable during our trip due to the extreme afternoon sun but the food was good and we had good Cevapi and beer for around 30 bam/ 15 euros.


I’m not usually an ice cream lover but when its a hot summer day that’s a whole different business and Mostar has a lot of great ice cream joints. It is so incredibly cheap to buy ice cream, it works out about 50p a scoop and is perfect for cooling you down!

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