Ferry between Split and Ancona

In the Summer we decided to take the ferry from Split to Anconca, using Jadrolinija ferries. A basic foot passenger ticket would have cost us £35 each but for £38 each you can book a reserved reclining seat so we decided to take that option. There was also the option to prebook a lunch for £15 per person so we decided to take this option, thinking it might make the process a bit easier.


The ferry left at 11am, due to arrive in Ancona at 8pm. In the summer the ferries run more regularly than other times of the year so check the website for current timetables. We found the check in process really easy, the check in desk was right next to entrance to the boat so there was no chance of getting lost.


As we entered the boat, after a short wait, we were able to find our seats relatively easy and there were also places at the side of the room to keep our luggage.The seats were comfortable and we had plenty of space, although some of the seats around us looked quite run down.



As soon as we set off everyone rushed to the restaurant and the queue was down the corridor. Adam and I thought we were being clever when we didn’t follow the crowd and instead headed to the bar, I mean we had 9 hours on the ferry so no need to rush, right?

Wrong! After a (reasonably priced) drink at the bar we went to the restaurant to find it closed and it remained closed for almost the duration of the journey! There were no signs on the door to give us an indication of when/ if it would be reopening and the staff didn’t seem to know enough English to communicate with us either. With the shop closed too Adam and I were left hungry for the duration of the trip.


We busied ourselves by exploring every inch of the boat, wandering down corridors and scouting out every deck. The journey was smooth, which I was thankful for as I get travel sickness, and the views were beautiful.


Around 6pm the restaurant finally reopened and we were able to claim our meal. The meal we received was huge, with a separate pasta and meat course, a bread accompaniment and a drink. Despite being hungry all journey we struggled to finish it.


We ended up pulling into Ancona about an hour late but it was lovely being able to catch the sunset whilst pulling into the harbour. I had been pretty nervous about the journey beforehand because I hadn’t seen very favourable reviews online but actually the journey wasn’t bad at all…just bring some snacks with you!


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