Where to eat in Ubud, Bali

There was no shortage of amazing restuarants in Ubud and we found a huge variety of food right on our doorsteps. Here are some of our favourite spots:

Clear Cafe

We visited Clear Cafe on our first night in Bali and it was an introduction of what was to come. The restaurant setting is beautiful, blending the outside with the in. We took off our shoes before entering the restaurant and were able to get a table, without a reservation. I took advantage of their huge drinks list and ordered a ‘chocolate butterfly’, a chocolate and peanut butter drink that tasted more like a dessert.

Adam had a Golden Temple Curry, which was actually a vegan curry and I had shrimp Quesadillas. Our whole meal including tax and service charge came to just under 230,000 IDR (Around £13). The food was absolutely delicious and we felt it was such good value for such an amazing night.

Blu Cafe


After shopping at the market one afternoon we headed to Blu Cafe, which do THE MOST BEAUTIFUL smoothie bowls. At this point Adam was quite hesitant about smoothie bowls (he soon changed his mind!) so had instead gone for some Indonesian Tapas, whilst I ordered the Blueberry pancake bowl.

I’d have loved to have seen a picture menu to see what all the smoothie bowl designs were but mine looked beautiful! Once I took enough pictures and actually started eating it I wasn’t disappointed. My first smoothie bowl was a success! When we were there we were the only ones in the restuarant so I don’t think it gets busy enough to require a reservation. Our meal came to 230,000IDR with tax and service (Around £13).

Gelato Secrets


This is a chain ice cream place that you’ll find all over Bali and we absolutely loved it! The flavours were amazing and the ice cream was so rich and tasty.

Herb Library


We did make a reservation at this beautiful restaurant, although it wasn’t needed. The aesthetics of this restaurant drew me in but I was a bit nervous as the focus was on vegetarian and vegan food and I can be a bit fussy. Turns out there was no issue at all, I had some amazing wraps stuffed with sweet potato, rice and avocado whilst Adam had mushroom and cheese packed tortillas. We both agreed the food was amazing. Our meal, with beers, came to 260,000IDR with tax and service (Around £15).

Who’s Who


The only restaurant we returned to in our trip. The first time we went I wasn’t that hungry so actually just had a starter (of some beautiful crispy pork) whilst Adam had some pasta. Adam instantly declared it the best pasta he’d ever had and when I gave it a try I had to agree! So of course we had to return lest the food envy ruin our relationship. The service was just so friendly, its off the main road so it’s quiet, it really was our favourite place.


Mudra was a very busy place so I’m glad we had a reservation. It is very ‘instagrammable’, which accounts for its popularity but more than that the service was friendly and the food was tasty and fresh.

Puspa’s warung


This small restaurant doesn’t really look like much but I was drawn in by its strong TripAdvisor reviews. Although centrally located this place is nothing fancy, their menu was written out on some cardboard, but the service was quick and friendly, the food delicious and the value exceptional with mains priced at just 25,000k (Just £1.30).

Saka Gaha tea & Kopi Luwak

Bali is the home of the most expensive coffee in the world, Luwak Coffee, which is made utilising the faeces of the Civet cat. In various cafes all over Bali you will find these animals caged and paraded amongst tourists for selfies. I didn’t find that a comfortable scenario and researched to find a place where Adam could sample coffee that had been sourced ethically. Saka Gaha was the place for us, the coffee was presented in a very beautiful contraption and the staff took the time to talk us through the process. The coffee was 110,000 rupees (About £6) per cup, cheaper than you’ll find it in the rest of the world, and Adam appreciated it’s smooth taste.

Dining Corner restaurant


Our trip to Bali also coincided with my friends honeymoon and we discovered we had one day in the same destination. We decided as part of their wedding gift we would treat them to a nice meal and chose the Dining Corner as our destination. The service was amazing and the food was beautiful. Adam went for the most expensive meal on the menu (A seafood platter with lobster etc) and we enjoyed wine and cocktails throughout the meal and for 4 of us it still came to around £80. I think great value for such a beautiful meal.

Warung Siam


I am certainly not experienced when it comes to Thai food, I’m not great with spice so I tend to shy away but we thought we’d give this a go and I loved it. It’s centrally located, the food was great and the bill was inexpensive. I’d certainly return if I had the chance to expand my repertoire of dishes!


This restaurant is just outside of central Ubud but we stayed in their adjoining ecohomes and got the chance to experience this beautiful restaurant. The settings are absolutely amazing, giving you the chance to lounge around and look out to the rice fields, and the food was next level. The food has a focus on Vegan and Vegetarian food and although we’re meateaters, Adam and I found their Vegan pizza to be one of the best we’ve ever had. We were here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and never got bored of their amazing food.

Warung Pondok Madu


From the outside this place didn’t look like anything special but I decided to make a reservation nonetheless and I am so glad I did. The place was heaving when we returned and the food was next level amazing. I had a steak with purple sweet potato and it was absolutely divine. It was one of the last meals of our holiday and I wish we’d visited a bit earlier on so we’d have been able to get another meal in.

Pizza Burger Liquor


I try not to regret much in life but possibly one of my biggest ever regrets relates to this place. The place was friendly, hipster cool and I fancied a pizza so got myself one, it was really good. Adam got himself a ‘Chicken Who?’ burger which contained chicken massaman curry and the food envy I felt was real. He let me try some and it was sensational! Unfortunately this was our last day in Ubud and we were not able to return so I could have my own Chicken burger. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Learn by my mistakes, go straight for the chicken burger.


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