Where we stayed in Ubud, Bali

On our journey around Bali we returned to Ubud a couple of times and got to experience different sides to this wonderful place, the relaxing rice fields and the busy centre. These are our accommodation recommendations:

Gusde Tranquil villas


We stayed at the villas for 8 days, for £53 a night. For that price we had one of the villas with a private pool, which is beyond amazing value. We had a large living room space with a kitchen, a beautiful bedroom and of course our amazing pool area. We had all the freedom of the large space, whilst having all the amenities a hotel offers. Although located just outside of Ubud centre we could get a complimentary shuttle into the town centre and in the meantime it was the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle. The staff were always so wonderfully friendly, we loved our time here and were very sad to leave.

Pineapple House


We stayed here for 7 days, at £17 a night. We had a private room and bathroom within a traditional family home complex. We had a sweet little terrace, where we were served breakfast every morning by the lovely family, and a room that was basic but clean and spacious. The location was great, smack bang in the middle of everything, so no need for taxis!

Ubud Sky


We stayed here for one night, for the price of £19. We stayed here because it was the opposite side of Ubud to where we had been staying and therefore allowed us easier access to locations such as Campuhan Ridge. Although we were only there for one night we were really impressed at the beautiful bedroom, the hospitality and the quiet surroundings.

New Earth Haven


We stayed in the Moonstone Crystal Eco Dome, which we booked through Airbnb. It was a real experience, as the dome was entirely made out of bamboo and sat in the middle of a rice field. I am so glad we stayed there, it was a really beautiful experience…but I also don’t think I could have handled it for more than one night haha. There was a compost toilet, I was a bit scared of putting my hand down the hatch that held the compost, and there were a lot of insects. The staff were so friendly and the on site restaurant was wonderful. We paid £80 for our one night here.



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