What to Eat and Drink in Gdansk, Poland

Last year I spent a couple of weekends in Gdansk and absolutely loved it. Here is a selection of some of my favourite places to eat, as you can see I ate very well!




I visited here for breakfast and loved its funky decor and laid back vibe. Poland does a good breakfast (all in the sausages!) and this didn’t disappoint. This place feels a little out of the way and the perfect quiet spot to relax and enjoy an amazing hot chocolate.

Pomelo Bistro


This place did an amazing looking breakfast, you can upgrade your breakfast for a very small amount and therefore include juice and bread. The food was absolutely beautiful and totally set us up for the day.

Klatka B


This place did the most beautiful drinks! There was a buffet breakfast option but we went for an A La Carte option and had some delicious sausages and eggs. This place was situated right by the river and it was easy to miss at first but I’d highly recommend hunting it down.

Cafe Libertas


A great little breakfast spot that seemed to get quite busy. I went for something a bit different, a quiche, and it was delicious. I wish we’d had chance to return because I spent the whole of my meal eyeing up their beautiful cake display!


Oliwa Do Ognia

Our original plan had been to stop here for dinner but after a day on our feet we felt pretty exhausted and actually ended up taking one of their pizzas back to our hotel instead. The pizza was hands down one of the best I’d had for a long time and so I recommend a visit, eat in or takeaway!

Glowne Miasto Pasta


This place, just wow. The pasta was amazing and so beautifully presented. The staff were exceptionally friendly, this is the kinda place you dream of returning to whenever you’re hungry.



We felt that whilst in Poland we of course had to have some dumplings. A quick look online indicated Mandu might be our best option. Despite going at what I would consider an off peak time (around 4pm-ish?) there was still a queue outside and we had to wait a while to get seated. The dumplings were quite large and overwhelmed by their choice we decided to get a plate of sweet and a plate of savoury and share them. The dumplings were really good, and very filling too!


Flisak 76


I absolutely fell in love with this cocktail bar. Down a little staircase in the centre and you’ll find yourself in such a sophisticated space. The cocktails were absolutely amazing and wonderful value too. The staff were friendly, you get a little pot of crisps and water with your drinks, I got in as many return trips as I could manage and still wish I could go back for more!



A simple bar, based on a video game theme. When we went the place was pretty empty, we settled down for some cocktails and despite the simple appearance of the bar they’ve got some really creative cocktails. Drinks came with water and popcorn and the staff were really friendly.

Game over


On the face of it this was a cheap and easy cocktail bar, lots of shots available, cocktails with no descriptions and quite a wait time to get served but the cocktail was delicious (I went for an apple pie!) and we sat in their downstairs area playing games consoles afterwards, it was a lot of fun and somewhere that would be great for a group.



A bar selling just one drink, a cherry liquor, that you can get either hot or cold. We went for both and loved it both ways. The bar is cute, easy to find and the staff were very friendly. I’m a huge cherry fan but if you’re not maybe give this a miss.

Craft cocktails


I adored this bar. One of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. We went on a Saturday night and it was quiet, which for me was a bonus and I liked a bar where there is the opportunity to talk. Both my friend and I went for the same cocktail, the French Toast. I got a caramel version whilst she got the chocolate. Both of us couldn’t stop raving about how yummy it was!

Pijalnia wodki i piwa


Known as the place to go for cheap shots I half expected to walk into a dive bar but actually I felt the place was light and airy and welcoming. We ended up getting a few things to eat as well, everything here is incredible value and worth a visit if you’re on a budget.

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