What to do in Gdansk, Poland

Last year I spent a couple of days in Gdansk, Poland and absolutely adored it. Gdansk is a really beautiful city. A port town, centre for the world Amber trade, it is full of pretty buildings and fountains.

Where we stayed:


We stayed at the Hotel Mercure Gdansk Stare Miasto, which was amazing value at £36 per night. It was well located, and felt very luxurious with its modern rooms. The staff were friendly and made us feel very welcome upon check in. I’d absolutely recommend it.

What we did:

The Old Town

So much of the joy of being in Gdansk is just taking the time to walk around the Old Town and take in the beautiful architecture. The main places to see are focused around Dluga Street, which is really the heart of the city. On Dluga street you’ll find sights such as the Green Gate at one end, which is very grand and acts as a frame to the entrance of the street. At the other side you’ll find the Golden Gate which is so visually stunning and makes a great impression.

Other streets of note include Mariacka Street, which is a quaint little street where you can find the cities Amber shops and Piwna Street, which is lined with the most beautiful buildings.


Dlugi Targ square is worth the visit for its wonderful history and it’s a great place to grab a drink and do some people watching. The buildings are just beautiful and every time you look at them you see something different, some small detail that was missed before. Incredibly photogenic! You can find the gorgeously elaborate Neptune’s fountain here and this is where you’ll find most of the tourists.


Another beautiful place to stroll is along the Motlawa River Embankment. On the river there is so much to explore from pirate ships to the famous Crane, linked to the cities history and was built way back in 1444. It is a very unique place to look around!

The Museum of the Second World War

This was hands down one of the most comprehensive museums I’ve ever been to. We were there for hours and hours and still felt like we didn’t get the chance to read or see everything. I’d recommend putting aside a minimum of 3 hours. When we first arrived it was quite busy but the museum was so big that the crowds soon broke up.

European Solidarity Centre


A very beautiful building and it touches upon a history that is very linked to the history of Poland, how it became independent. There is a lot of information to take in and therefore time needs to be afforded to this place to understand the story properly. I admit I arrived at the museum with very little prior knowledge but left feeling I’d taken a lot in.


Outside the museum sits the Three Crosses Monument, which is visually striking, and commemorates the victim of the Workers Revolt.

Undercover City Games


Something a bit different but a fabulous way to explore the city. You manoeuvre around the city, solving clues and finding secret notes, whilst learning about some of the main landmarks. It’s a very fun way to spend a few hours.

Free Walking Tour

We did a free walking tour with Walkative that lasted around 2.5 hours and took us around all of the main sights of the Old Town, giving us an insight into the city and the people of Gdansk. The tour was free but of course the guide earnt their tip with their incredible knowledge and friendly nature.

Zorkout Escape rooms


We did ‘The Final Show’ room and really enjoyed it. We managed to get out in time and enjoyed every second we took to do it. I always enjoy a good escape room and this was certainly one that was well thought out and executed well.

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