A Day in Sopot, Poland

Whilst visiting Gdansk I also made the time for Sopot, a seaside resort city which can be found just over 7 miles away from Gdansk. As I hope you’ll see from this post Sopot is a wonderful place and well worth your time.

Getting there

From the main station in Gdansk (which is beautiful by the way!) we caught a train to Sopot. Everything was very easily signposted, the journey took us about 15 minutes and cost 4.20 zloty, around 80p.

Gdansk Train Station

Whilst the train was easy and convenient if you have the time I’d recommend biking there with Jacek, which can be booked through AirBnB here. We met Jacek in the middle of Gdansk, rented some bikes and started our journey. The experience says 6 hours but I’d recommend the whole day because Jacek likes to take his time.


On our journey we travelled through the shipyards of Gdansk, passed fortresses, cycled along the river. We were blessed with good weather and it really was one of my favourite days of our trip.

On the way back we got to stop at Oliwa, another city, famous for a church with the largest wooden organs in Europe and through the district of Zaspa, famous for it’s large wall murals. Jacek was a perfect host from start to finish and if we didn’t have a booking that evening I know he would have been happy to keep going.

The tour was just £14 per person and for a whole day of information and seeing places I’d have never found myself I think that is exceptional value!

Where we ate

My top recommendation for Sopot would be Karczma Irena, the most charming little restaurant. We visited on a cold day so I was pleased to be able to enjoy their selection of warm mulled drinks and their food was equally warming. I enjoyed their rustic decor and the place was full of locals, always a good sign!

What we did

Undercover City Games


We did these games whilst in Gdansk as well and it works even better in Sopot, being a smaller place to explore. It’s such a fun way to explore and learn about the key landmarks of Sopot. You undertake tasks and solve puzzles whilst following a map of the city.


Sopot has a lot of really pretty side streets with wonderful architecture and I don’t think I would have discovered them without Undercover Games guiding our way.

Monte Cassino street


A pedestrianised street that runs the length of Sopot and where you’ll find most of the action. There are places to eat or drink, shops, and will take you straight from the station to the pier.

Crooked House


A very unusual shaped house that houses a Costa coffee, amongst other shops. It’s fun to see and obviously you’ll want to get a snap. It’s quirkiness makes it a key landmark in Sopot and very interesting from an architecture point of view!

The Pier


First opened in 1827 this is the longest wooden pier in Europe. It’s wonderful to walk along and you can get some great views looking back to Sopot. The Baltic sea is really quite beautiful and thanks to the significant length of the pier you really feel like you’re able to get out to it. The concentration of Iodine at the top of the pier is twice as much as back on land therefore many people take the walk to the top of the pier for their health. Whatever your reasons it’s worth it.

5 thoughts on “A Day in Sopot, Poland

  1. Exactly one year ago I visited Gdansk and found this city so cool, had a wonderful time there 🙂 at the time I didn’t knew about Sopot, so maybe in the future I might visit this city, according to your photos it seems really cool 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL


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