Day 3 in Valencia, Spain

What we did on Day Three…

On our 3rd and final day in Valencia we awoke to cloudy skies and puddles that indicated it had rained all night however it seemed like it was going to remain dry for the rest of the day so we weren’t going to let it interfere with our plans.

We started our day getting an Uber to the Central Market, one of the oldest markets in Europe. The building itself is very beautiful with many coloured glass panels, which unfortunately didn’t look quite as beautiful as they could have if the sun was shining. There are over 1200 stalls at the market, mostly selling food items, and it’s a real taste of Mediterranean life. For us it was the perfect place to pick up some pastries so we could start our day right.


We walked off breakfast over the half hour it took us to reach the BioParc. The Bioparc is a zoo that is built with the intention of allowing the visitor to feel submerged in the habitat and I think it totally achieves this.


The park uses space, rivers and rocks to create a more natural barrier between the visitor and the animal and it makes you feel like you can observe the animals without peering through a fence. The park seems to have gone above and beyond to reproduce eco-systems as much as possible and it really shows.


We ended up spending the whole day there and the poor weather meant we basically had the place to ourselves. We grabbed a paella for lunch at the park, which wasn’t the best paella I’ve had but we did get to enjoy it whilst looking out at the lions.


For dinner we struggled to find somewhere that wasn’t heaving but eventually happened upon Tapeando Somos Cocoa, which looked very pretty and had some free tables. We ended up getting a sharing platter as well as some individual Pinchos and we enjoyed it all. The service wasn’t the greatest and you did have to flag someone down each time you wanted something but it was only a small restaurant so this wasn’t difficult to do.

After dinner we decided to grab a loaded waffle at ‘Waffle Time’ which was absolutely delicious and then we grabbed an Uber back to our hotel to sleep before our flight the next morning.


I so love Valencia and I think it’s got so much to offer visitors. It’s got so many attractions that are perfect for families and yet has all the old world appeal as well. I know it’s a place I’ll continue to recommend and revisit my whole life.

Steps walked: 18,202


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