24 hours in Tanah Lot, Bali

When looking at must see sights in Bali Tanah Lot came up as it’s home to an ancient Hindu Temple. When looking at the temples in Bali most tend to get quite busy in the afternoon’s and around sunset so I thought the best way to see the temple would be to stay overnight and visit first thing in the morning.

We arrived at our hotel Natya Hotel Tanah Lot, where we had booked a superior king room for the night, for £70. The hotel sits within the temple complex and therefore you really can’t get anymore of a convenient location for seeing the temple. The staff were very friendly and we relaxed around the pool with our arrival drinks before we checked out our room.

The room was clean and beautiful and the surrounding gardens were lovely. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to use the pool, despite it looking so appealing.

There are a number of shops that sit within the temple complex so we walked around and picked up some souvenirs, we found they were very competitively priced compared to some other markets we’d visited on our trip.

We ate at the hotels adjoining restaurant, Naty’s, as we got some discount vouchers but we found the staff so friendly, the food very well priced so we ate there for our whole stay. It was just so convenient and there was a wide variety of dishes on the menu so we could always try something different.


The next morning we got up reasonably early, had breakfast and then took the short walk to the temple. Although we didn’t get there in any rush we did still beat the majority of the tourists.


Tanah Lot translates to “Land in the Sea” due to the temple sitting on an offshore rock and that lends to why it’s considered such a beautiful temple. When we visited the tide was out, which allowed us to walk right up the temple.


Mythology dictates that venomous sea snakes guard the temple from evil spirits but luckily they must have been elsewhere as we walked up to the temple. However a little warning that when the tide is out the floor can be quite slippy so tread carefully.


I’d recommend staying overnight close by if you can because it was wonderful to experience the temple without crowds as it’s such a beautiful place.

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