24 hours in Lovina, Bali

We visited Lovina for a night and in hindsight wished we’d stayed for longer. Lovina has a really nice laid back vibe, volcanic sand beaches and nice looking restaurants. Our original reason for visiting Lovina had been to take a dolphin tour, something the area is known for, but having done some research prior to visiting it seemed the tours caused a lot of stress to the dolphins and therefore we decided to just enjoy the area without the tour.


We stayed in Hotel My Lovina for £22 a night. Our room was very large, nice and clean and suited us perfectly. The hotel is very centrally located and only a short walk to the beach. All the rooms were situated around a central pool area, which looked nice although we didn’t get the chance to take a dip.

We decided to spend our one evening strolling along Lovina Beach, which was beautiful at sunset. It was quite busy, with a number of locals also sitting around enjoying the view. As far as using the beach for swimming I’d be unsure, there was quite a lot of plastic that had washed up on shore.


We ate that night at Warung Ibu Wina, which despite being highly reviewed we found empty. Despite our hesitance at being the only customers we decided to stay and I’m glad we did. The food was absolutely amazing, the hospitality so friendly and everything great value too.




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