48 hours in Sidemen, Bali

When doing my Bali research Sidemen came up as a spot where tourism hadn’t quite reached, a throwback to a more traditional time. Every photo that I came across just looked serene and I decided it was a must to include it on the itinerary.

We spent a night at Kubu Tani, a collection of 3 gorgeous villas situated in the middle of rice terraces. Our two storey 1 bedroom villa cost us £36 for the night. I loved it so much that I wanted to spend every second there, from check in to check out.


The entire upper level was our bedroom, with a large king sized bed with a terrace allowing us to look out on the most amazing view.


The bathroom was pretty incredible too, with an open bamboo shower, which was always perfect temperature and a HUGE bathtub (which I didn’t use). The bathroom had an ‘open’ style, which by this point I’d discovered was quite common in Bali which meant I did get Adam to stand on guard outside just in case I was attacked by any insects whilst taking a wee!


In the morning we awoke to one of the staff knocking to enter our villa, where they proceeded to cook us breakfast and serve it to us on our terrace.


Situated right next to our hotel was Warung Lihat Sawah and it was where we ended up eating all our meals. The staff were so friendly, the food was really good and you just couldn’t beat the convenience.

If I was to return to Bali I would stay in Sidemen again and for longer, it really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

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