A night in Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon is one of my favourite places, being only 40 miles away from me and a perfectly achievable day trip. When lockdown was lifted I fancied a night away, I was so tired of seeing the same walls of my bedroom, and Stratford Upon Avon seemed the perfect destination.

I stayed in the Baraset Barn Hotel, which cost me £99 for the night, and included breakfast. The staff were extremely welcoming and were so outgoing in greeting us. The room was so clean and decorated so beautifully. Although I didn’t get chance to enjoy them there were a number of beautiful outside communal areas too.

It was about 3.5 miles out of the city centre, about a 40 minute walk down a straight road. It was a wonderful walk as I managed to visit on a day with blue skies. Stratford Upon Avon is always so beautiful and I love walking around the historic buildings.

I got a takeaway from Zoo Sushi & Bubble tea, which was absolutely delicious and I was able to eat overlooking the river. I got dumplings and sushi and both were gorgeous.

I spent the evening relaxing in the room with a bottle of wine, with the French doors overlooking the fields. The advantage of having such a gorgeous room is that it’s such a joy to spend time in it.

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