3 days at Udara Hotel, Bali

I’ve been into aerial yoga for a couple of years now and when looking at yoga retreats in Bali was delighted to come across the Udara hotel.

As our taxi driver dropped us off outside my jaw hit the floor, it was really one of the most beautiful places I’d seen.


The hotel sits right on the beach but honestly, we never ventured out. I was far too in love with discovering the hotel itself.

The pool area was like nothing I’d seen before, sculptures twisted and turned around the walls, revealing little hidden swimming areas, and rooms. It was so fun to walk around and find the little waterfalls and coves.



Our hotel room, whilst simply decorated in wood, felt luxurious with incredible comfortable beds and our open style bathroom (typical in Bali) was spacious and offered all the amenities we needed.

The food and drink absolutely blew me away. Their menu is pescatarian, it all sounds very healthy and wholesome, and to be honest I thought I might be making the trip for a pizza or burger before long.  Actually we were happy to eat at the hotel our entire trip, always finding a new dish on the menu that made our mouths water.


The food was always so beautiful presented, absolutely Instagram perfect, but it went beyond style, there was substance too. At the end of the stay, upon receiving our restaurant tab, we were surprised at how affordable the food was too.


Although Adam didn’t do yoga the hotel stay included unlimited usage of their yoga facilities and I joined every day for a sunset and sunrise class. It was, and probably will forever be one of the most incredible places I’ve ever done yoga.


Overlooking the beach swinging in a hammock as the sun rose beside me will remain with me as one of my favourite memories.


The staff were also so friendly, surprising me with a sushi cake when they found out it was my birthday, always going above and beyond to take the hotel experience to the next level.


We paid £61 a night to stay at Udara and it was absolutely worth every penny, I hope to return one day, I keep dreaming of it!

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