Kilnsea, UK

Whilst restrictions have meant getting around has been severely limited this year I’ve felt lucky to have been able to discover the gems that I have, when I’ve had the chance. There’s been no better example of this than my recent exploration of the Yorkshire Coast.

When looking at possible places to explore, Kilnsea and the Spurn Heritage Coast instantly stuck out on the map, a narrow nature reserve that winds down between the Humber Estuary and the North Sea.

My first exploration of the area occurred one cloudless morning when I decided to pull myself out of bed and make my way out to watch the sunrise. The chill on my skin made me briefly consider if I’d made the wrong decision and if staying cosy in bed was the preference but those doubts evaporated the minute that I started to pull up to the evocative landscape.

The clear sky allowed me to fully capture the spectrum of colour and I could even see across to a wind farm. The sunrise was so vibrant and glowing that I didn’t even need to add any filter to my pictures.

I spent an hour just sitting and watching, so bewitched by what I could see, so thankful that I was alone to savour it, uninterrupted by any other visitors.

So enamoured by the area I returned, this time with my boyfriend in tow, for an afternoon walk. Unfortunately the day was grey and blustery and the landscape of the area means you are at the mercy of the elements but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment.

Despite it being a popular spot for walkers there was so much space that we were able to keep distance from others and feel at times that we were entirely by ourselves. I found that especially on the side of the Humber, where there’s wet grassland, the environment felt wild and rogue.

The area is infamous for bird watching and there are a number of hides along the estuary where you can settle down to see what you can spot, apparently if you’re lucky you might even spot a seal! For us we settled for coming across some particularly impressive looking Longhorn Cattle.

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