Where to eat in Krakow, Poland


We stayed in the Jewish Quarter and we found that on our doorstep we had a big choice of hipster coffee shops to choose from. One that caught our eye was Karma Coffee, a place that seemed to definitely know their coffee. Chris was able to get his coffee fix and I was able to grab a delicious slice of cake. Although small there was a lovely courtyard area if you wished to sit outside.

Another lovely breakfast spot was Urban Coffee, where we enjoyed some delicious pancakes. Chris surprised me and ordered the whole breakfast cocktail menu! The cocktails were actually delicious, they were very fresh and fruity and the perfect breakfast accompaniment.

I fell in love with Coffee Garden, the most beautiful looking cafe with an equally gorgeous looking menu. For someone with a sweet tooth they had a variety of sweet coffee mixes, alongside the ‘serious’ stuff and some delicious food options.


We arrived in Krakow around lunchtime and having had an early start we had one thing on our mind, getting some food inside us. We stopped at Milkbar Tomasza, a very traditional welcome to the city.

In Poland you will find a number of ‘milk bars’, a cafeteria which during the communist era was government subsidised in order to provide low cost food. Milkbar Tomasza offered us some traditional Polish options at great value. It was busy upon arrival and some of the meal options had sold out but we were still able to get seated relatively quickly and enjoy our meal.

When hunger struck and we needed a quick fix we came across Bagelmama, right in the middle of the Jewish quarter. The menu was quite extensive, with both traditional and adventurous options, but we managed to settle on our choices and both were very happy with our lunch, absolutely delicious!

Our last lunch of the holiday was at Domowe Przysmaki, which caught our eye as we walked towards the station. We sat in the window, the perfect place for people watching and had a delicious great value meal, washed down with some Polish beers.


Whilst in Poland Chris and I definitely developed a pierogi addiction, the traditional Polish dumpling. Typical fillings include potato, cheese and cabbage. Pierogi Mr Vincent was a wonderful dinner option, which had a wide choice of filling options, friendly staff and was another great value option!

Chris is a big burger fan and cautious that we were overdoing it on the pierogi front we decided to try out MoaBurger, a New Zealand burger restaurant. The burgers were absolute monsters but we demolished them because they were so damn delicious!

We had a meal at Piwnica Wolnica and it definitely felt a bit special, the setting is gorgeous and we just so happened to have the whole place to ourselves. |It is the perfect destination for a romantic meal with a stunning vaulted ceiling in the downstairs dining area.

The food was absolutely delicious too, the staff welcoming, a place I’d absolutely recommend.

Sweet treats

One night on our way back to our apartment we got a sweet craving and ventured into Lody na Starowislnej, somewhere we’d previously noticed a long queue outside. Seeing no one in the small shop we took our chance, jumped in and made our order. When the ladies behind the counter told us it was cash only we vowed to go to a cash machine and return, but kindly they gave us our ice creams for free and bid us a good night. What lovely customer service!

Across from our AirBnb was the Judah Food Court, full of a number of delicious looking food stands. Late night after returning from a night out, slightly tipsy on Polish Vodka I was absolutely ecstatic to finally be able to grab something from the Chimney Cake bakery. I had a peanut butter chocolate combination and it was divine!


Pub propaganda was our first introduction to Krakow’s night life and it was a great one. The eclectic decor, the icy vodka shots, the drink recommendations. We had such a wonderful evening, this bar is so full of character, I’d love to return.

Cosmic minigolf pub, a place where you can practice your putting skills alongside a beer. Chris and I had a lot of fun getting competitive with one another. We visited quite late and were happy to find it relatively empty, meaning no queuing for the holes. Laughs definitely guaranteed.

We spent an afternoon drinking at the Cybermachina Game Pub, a games themed bar that gives drinkers the option to play board games or consoles whilst they drink. The drinks menu was very plentiful and had lots of very sweet options, which appeals to my taste buds. The service was really friendly and the drinks were great value.

Pijalnia Wódki I Piwa is a great little vodka bar, incredibly good value and with a few food selections on offer too (not that we ate there). There were a whole host of vodka flavours and it was a nice chilled place to drink whilst doing some people watching.

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