About me

Hey! Welcome to the site!

I’m Chelsea and travel has always been part of my life since my parents took me abroad when I was just a few months old. Through family holidays as a child to the clubbing holidays of my university years (so many cringe moments) travel has been always been part of my journey.

In 2014 I met Adam and a new chapter started. Adams story was totally different to mine, aside from a trip to France with school and a trip to Berlin with an ex, he’d never gone on holiday!

I was lucky to find my ultimate travel partner in him and since then I’ve dragged him around Europe and even into Asia. My wish is to complete 50 countries before I’m 50 (whilst still introducing Adam to some of my old favourites).

We both work at a school, in pastoral support roles, and so our trips have to fit into the school holidays. It can mean a bigger budget is required but it also means 13 weeks of holiday a year!

We’re not entirely budget travellers, (I require a private bathroom at all times!) but we do our best to keep the costs down whilst seeing everything that we can.
I’m so glad you’ve decided to join our journey!