My Bucket List

I’m very lucky to have experienced some wonderful experiences though my life but I still have a few more I want to cross off…

  1. Go Dog Sledding

2. Ride the Worlds Fastest zip wire

3. Bathe an elephant

4. Stay in an Ice hotel

5. Use a pottery wheel

6. Make myself a ring

7. Go to a jazz festival

8. Go on an American Road trip

9. Fly first class

10. Spend Christmas in another country

11. See the Northern Lights

12. Learn to Handstand

13. Go to a yoga retreat

14. Celebrating thanksgiving in the US

15. Sleep in a treehouse

16. See the Pyramids

17. Helicopter into the Grand Canyon

18. Float in the Dead Sea

19. Learn to snorkel

20. Go on an African Safari

21. Celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico

22. Go on a tandem bike

23. Have a dog


25. Lock the jewels in the Tower of London

26. Get married

27. See Stonehenge

28. Climb Snowdon

29. Try whisky in Scotland

30. Own a goat

31.Use a slip & slide

32. Visit Auchwitz

33. Swim in an Austrian Lake

34. Canoe in Canada

35. Go on a cruise

36.Go back to University

37. Visit 50 countries by 50

38. Learn 150 Japanese words

39. Swim with Sharks

40. Make myself an item of clothing

41. Attend a comicon

42. Go on a murder mystery weekend

43. Get a tattoo

44. See the perfect sunset

45. Go to a roller disco

46. Camp overnight at a festival

47. Eat an Ostrich egg

48. Do yoga in India

49. Go to a gig abroad

50. Ride in a vintage car in Cuba

51. Pee in the toilets at Sketch

52. See orangutans close up

53. Dine at Gordon Ramseys

54. Hold a sloth

55. Go on the Eurostar

56. Drive the NC500

57. Use an Onsen

58. Sit on a jury

59. Eat a chicken kiev in Kiev

60. Do goat yoga

61. Do a long distance walk

62. Make money from something I’ve made

63. Go on a hot air balloon abroad

64. Learn how to play chess

65.See a glowworm cave

66. Drink vodka in Russia

67. Take a photo a day for a year

68. Get a sleeper train

69. Drive abroad

70. Ride a horse abroad

71. Camp in the car

72. Go skinny dipping

73. Hold a tarantula

74. Go on the back of a motorcycle

75. Go to a French vineyard

76. Go wild camping

77. Blow glass

78. Swim with a manatee

79. Try pole dancing

80. Eat an Insect

81. Sleep in a castle

82. Sleep in a yurt

83. Do a ninja course

84. Go fishing

85. Do a bungee jump

86. Try stand up paddleboarding

87. Attend the Chelsea Flower show

88. Ride the Tequila Express train

89. Eat Oysters

90. Take a ride in a seaplane

91. Swim with a crocodile

92. To use a flying trapeze









Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it